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The Executive Forward Plan gives information about all decisions the Executive, Executive Portfolio Holders and Officers are expected to take over the forthcoming four-month period.

The Shareholder Committee Forward Plan gives information about all decisions to be taken by the Shareholder Committee.

Where a decision is required within 28 days, a Forward Plan supplement will be published.

The Forward Plans indicate items that are key decisions. A key decision, except in special or urgent circumstances, cannot be taken unless it has appeared on the relevant Forward Plan for 28 days before the decision is made.

A key decision is a 'significant' decision if it meets the financial or community impact criteria:

- Financial impact: Potential revenue expenditure or savings above £50,000; Potential capital expenditure or savings above £250,000; Procuring or awarding any contract having a total value exceeding £500,000

-Community impact: Decision significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an are comprising of two or more wards

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee Forward Plan lists the items the Committee will consider during the year. It is reviewed at every meeting, and items can be added throughout the year.

There are five different aspects of Scrutiny; Performance Monitoring; Policy Development; Policy Review; Holding the Executive to Account; and External Scrutiny.

Overview and Scrutiny can decide to consider items before Executive make a decision on them, and give feedback to Executive on their views.