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Shareholder Committee, 2023

The Forward Plan gives information about all decisions the Executive, Executive Portfolio Holders and Officers are expected to take over the forthcoming four-month period. Where a decision is required within 28 days, a Forward Plan supplement will be published.

The Forward Plan indicates items that are key decisions. A key decision, except in special or urgent circumstances, cannot be taken unless it has appeared on the Forward Plan for 28 days before the decision is made.

A key decision is a 'significant' decision if it meets the financial or community impact criteria:

- Financial impact: Potential revenue expenditure or savings above £50,000; Potential capital expenditure or savings above £250,000; Procuring or awarding any contract having a total value exceeding £500,000

-Community impact: Decision significant in terms of its effects on communities living or working in an are comprising of two or more wards