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Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board

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Information about Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board

Oxfordshire County Council and the NHS have a duty to establish a Health and Wellbeing Brad. The Board is the principal structure in Oxfordshire with responsibility for promoting the health and wellbeing of the people of the county. 


The rules on political proportionality do not apply to the Health and Wellbeing Board not to any sub-committees set up by it.


The membership of the Board includes elected Member representatives and officers from the Oxfordshire local authorities, local GPs and Healthwatch Oxfordshire. The Board’s Terms of Reference set out that the representative from each district/city Council must either be the Leader or the relevant Executive/Cabinet member.


Cherwell District Council’s representative for the 2024/2025 municipal year is Councillor Rob Pattenden, Portfolio Holder for Healthy Communities. The named substitute is Councillor David Hingley, Leader of the Council.  


Information about Board meetings can be found at Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board