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The Light Cinema, Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, OX16 2PQ

Meeting: 13/01/2022 - Planning Committee (Item 128)

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Approved, conditions to be set out in the minutes


The Committee considered application 21/04089/F for the erection of an enclosure area including full height glazed windows and retractable fabric roof and two green wall features in CQ2 Block B Terrace area at The Light Cinema, Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, OX16 2PQ for The Light Cinemas.


In reaching its decision the Committee considered the officer’s report and presentation.




(1)      The permission be grated for application 21/04089/F subject to the following conditions:




Time Limit

1.       The development to which this permission relates shall be begun not later than the expiration of three years beginning with the date of this permission.


Reason: To comply with the provisions of Section 91 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.


Compliance with Plans

2.       Except where otherwise stipulated by conditions attached to this permission, the development shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the following Plans and documents:

Terrace boundary plan 1049-LDA-B0-02-DR-A-08001

Existing Terrace Floor Plan 1049-LDA-B0-02-DR-A-08050

Proposed Terrace Floor Plan 1049-LDA-B0-02-DR-A-08002

Green Wall Feature 1049-LDA-B0-02-DR-A-08006

Terrace Roof Plan 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08003

Existing Terrace Sections 1049-LDA-B0-02-DR-A-08052

Proposed Terrace Sections 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08004

Existing Terrace Elevations 1049-LDA-B0-02-DR-A-08051

Proposed Terrace Elevations 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08005

View 1 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08010

View 2 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08011

View 3 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08012

View 4 1049-LDA-B0-XX-DR-A-08013


Reason: For the avoidance of doubt, to ensure that the development is carried out only as approved by the Local Planning Authority and comply with Government guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework