Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Use of CDC Land for Residential Development at Hook Norton31/01/2019For Determination06/2019
Monthly Performance, Finance and Risk Monitoring Report31/01/2019For Determination06/2019
Monthly Performance, Finance and Risk Monitoring Report29/11/2018For Determination04/2019
District Leisure Centre Extension Feasibility25/10/2018For Determination
Horton General Hospital Latest Position28/08/2018For Determination
Decriminilsation of Parking in Cherwell19/07/2018For Determination
Changes to Waste and Recycling Policy01/02/2018For Determination
Leisure and Sport Strategy and Delivery Plan01/02/2018For Determination06/2019
Public Conveniences06/12/2017For Determination
Cherwell Public Art Policy10/05/2017For Determination
North Oxford Academy Joint User Agreement and Artificial Turf Pitch02/11/2016For Determination
Update on Bicester Centre for a Circular Economy & a Clean Environment11/07/2016For Determination
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Submission Plan04/05/2016For Determination
Banbury Canalside Supplementary Planning Document02/11/2012For Determination