Decisions published
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Urgent Business - Company Governance Arrangements ref: 316103/12/201805/12/2018Call-in expired
Draft Housing Strategy 2018 - 2023 : 'Cherwell - A Place to Prosper' ref: 316203/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Annual Monitoring Report 2018 ref: 316403/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Local Development Scheme ref: 316303/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Monthly Performance, Risk and Finance Monitoring Report - October 2018 ref: 316503/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Shareholders' Agreement ref: 316003/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Graven Hill 2018/19 Business Plan and Budget ref: 315903/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Amendment and Restatement Agreement in relation to a Facility Agreement dated 11 August 2014 between Graven Hill Village Development Company Limited and Graven Hill Village Holdings Limited and Cherwell District Council ref: 315803/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
Notification of Urgent Action - Maintenance Options at Spiceball ref: 316603/12/201808/12/2018Call-in expired
100% Council Tax Premium on Long Term Empty Dwellings ref: 315627/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in
Business Rates Retail Relief Policy ref: 315527/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in
Local Discretionary Business Rate Relief Scheme for 2019-20 ref: 315427/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in
Medium Term Financial Strategy ref: 315227/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in
Business Rates - An Overview ref: 315327/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in
Finance Monitoring Report - September 2018 ref: 315127/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in
Review of Committee Work Plan ref: 315727/11/201827/11/2018Not for call-in