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15/05/2024 - Making of the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan ref: 4683    Recommendations Approved

To seek the urgent decision of the Corporate Director – Communities to recommend to Council that it ‘makes’ the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan following the successful referendum on 2 May 2024.


Decision Maker: Corporate Director Communities

Decision published: 15/05/2024

Effective from: 15/05/2024




(1)          That the referendum result of 2 May 2024 where 93% of those who voted were in favour of the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan, which is above the required 50% be noted.


(2)          That Council be recommended:


a) to formally ‘makes’ the Deddington Neighbourhood Plan (Annex to the decision) so that it continues to have effect as part of the statutory Development Plan for Cherwell District.


b) to authorise the Assistant Director – Planning and Development, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder with responsibility for Planning and Development to issue and publicise a Decision Statement.


Wards affected: Deddington;

Lead officer: Christina Cherry, Holly Jones, David Peckford