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Information about Oxfordshire Growth Board



The Oxfordshire Economic Growth Board is a Joint Committee under s101 (5), 102 Local Government Act 1972 and s9EB Local Government Act 2000 and pursuant to the Local Authorities (Arrangement for the Discharge of Functions) (England) Regulations 2012.


Purpose of the Oxfordshire Growth Board

To facilitate and enable collaboration between local authorities on economic development, strategic planning and growth.


To deliver cross-boundary programmes of work including City Deal, Strategic   Economic Plan and Local Transport Board programmes, within government timescales, including agreeing the detailed contents of specific priorities, plans, projects and programmes.


To approve and monitor the implementation of a detailed work programme as laid out in the City Deal, Strategic Economic Plan and Local Transport Board programmes together with any future Growth Deals or other programmes as agreed.

To bid for the allocation of resources to support the above purposes.

For the avoidance of doubt these terms of reference are not to be read as incorporating any non-Executive functions and each constituent Authority shall retain the capability to exercise all executive functions generally and specifically in relation to economic development, strategic spatial planning and strategic transport planning. Further, these terms of reference are not to be read as entitling the Board to bind, either financially or contractually, any constituent Authority.”



The Oxfordshire Growth Board (the joint committee) includes the local authorities within the LEP area, namely, Oxfordshire LEP comprising, Cherwell District Council, Oxford City Council, South Oxfordshire District Council, Vale of White Horse District Council, West Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council. It will also include co-opted non-voting named members from certain organisations. In addition, the HCA has the right to attend the Growth Board as a non-voting investment partners, and,  when considering matters that sit under the purview of the Local Transport Board then Network Rail and the Highways Agency will have the right to attend the Growth Board as non-voting investment partners.


Cherwell District Council is represented by the Leader of the Council on the Board. The Deputy Leader will substitute if required.


The Committee will be hosted under local government arrangements and this will be rotated in accordance with the arrangements for the Chairman.


From 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, the meeting will be hosted by Cherwell District Council and all papers will be published on this website.


Until 30 June 2015, the Board was administered by West Oxfordshire District Council. Details of meetings and papers for meetings can be accessed at the following link: Oxfordshire Growth Board


Growth Board Executive

The Growth Board is supported by an Executive officers Group comprising senior officers from the six member local authorities, the HCA, LEP and other partners.


Programme reporting

The Board receives regular updates from officers on progress with the City Deal and Growth Deal projects. Copies of the latest programme reports are available at the following link: Programme Report


Post SHMA Strategic Work Programme

One of the key findings of the SHMA was that Oxford City did not have the capacity within its boundaries to accommodate all its housing need. Planning law requires that if a district council cannot meet its housing need then its neighbouring councils have a Duty to Co-operate in helping to meet this need. The way in which the councils of Oxfordshire will meet this Duty to Co-operate is through this work programme which is designed to provide evidence about the strategic options for housing growth for the councils to then consider in their respective Local Plans.


The Post SHMA Strategic Work Programme comprises a number of projects to examine what the best spatial options for growth might be across the County. The Programme will not make decisions on where housing growth should go as this is the responsibility of District Councils in their Local Plans. However the Programme will provide a comprehensive, county-wide evidence base that informs these Local Plans. A copy of the work programme is available at the following link: Post SHMA Strategic Work Programme


Review of the capacity of the City to address its housing need

Before the partners considered how to address the unmet need of oxford it was agreed to arrive at a common position on the scale of unmet need. Accordingly a report was commissioned to examine this issue. Following consideration of the report, all authorities agreed a working assumption of 15,000 homes for Oxford City’s unmet need. All authorities agree to work towards this in good faith, based on the previously agreed process, which includes the review of the Oxford City’s Local Plan. The Draft updated Advice Note on Oxford’s Development Capacity is available at the following link: Advice Note


Green Belt Study

One component of the Programme is a project to study the existing green belt of Oxford to see how it performs against the 5 purposes of Green belt that are set out in law. The study is the first of its kind since the Oxford green belt was formalised in the 1970s and gives a comprehensive picture of how well the green belt is performing for Oxfordshire. The study is designed to assist district councils consider how best to meet housing needs in their districts. The Green Belt Study is available at the following link: Oxford Green Belt Study


Oxfordshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

The SHMA is a technical study intended to help the Oxfordshire local planning authorities understand how many homes will be needed in the period 2011 – 2031. It also considers the housing needs of specific groups such as older people, minority groups and people with disabilities.


The Oxfordshire SHMA was commissioned jointly by all the Oxfordshire district councils supported by Oxfordshire County Council in 2013. The assessment was undertaken by a consultant team led by GL Hearn.


The housing figures included within the SHMA constitute an objective assessment of housing need in line with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework. These figures do not in themselves constitute plan targets. The next step is for each council to consider these numbers alongside other evidence to identify specific policies within development plans.


Oxfordshire Economic Forecasting

The Oxfordshire Economic Forecasting Report was jointly commissioned by all Oxfordshire authorities and the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to identify the economic potential of Oxfordshire. The assessment seeks to ensure that a robust and consistent evidence base for the future economic growth of the county was used to inform both the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) and the emerging Strategic Economic Plan (SEP) for Oxfordshire.


Oxfordshire Statement of Cooperation

For all local planning authorities, county councils and a number of other public bodies in England the ‘duty to cooperate’ set out in the Localism Act requires cooperation on issues of common concern in order to develop sound local plans. As part of implementing the Duty to Cooperate all Oxfordshire authorities have signed up to a joint Oxfordshire Statement of Cooperation.


The Oxfordshire Statement of Cooperation outlines matters on which the six local authorities in Oxfordshire will continue to cooperate.  In particular, the document sets out how the parties involved will manage the outcomes of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment, should any of the Local Planning Authorities in Oxfordshire not be able to meet their full objectively assessed housing need.



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