Monday 22 July 2019 6.30 pm

Venue: Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA

Contact: Natasha Clark, Democratic and Elections  Email:, 01295 221589


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Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting.


Communications pdf icon PDF 52 KB

To receive communications from the Chairman and/or the Leader of the Council.



Petitions and Requests to Address the Meeting

The Chairman to report on any requests to submit petitions or to address the meeting.


Urgent Business

The Chairman to advise whether they have agreed to any item of urgent business being admitted to the agenda.



Minutes of Council pdf icon PDF 124 KB

To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of Council held on 14 May 2019.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 1 MB

a)       Minutes of Executive, Lead Member Decisions and Executive Decisions not included in the 28 day notice


The Leader of the Council to formally propose that the minutes of the meetings of the Executive and Lead Member Decisions as set out in the Minute Book (circulated separately) be received and to report that since the last meeting of Council at which this was reported held on 25 February 2019, 2 decisions have been taken which were not included in the 28 day notice relating to Castle Quay Tenant Update and the OVO Ladies Cycling Tour.


b)       Minutes of Committees


The Leader of the Council to formally propose that the minutes of committees as set out in the Minute Book (circulated separately) be received.


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a)       Written Questions


          To receive any written questions and answers which have been submitted with advance notice in accordance with the Constitution.


          At the time of agenda publication (12 July 2019), two written questions have been submitted.


A written reply to each the questions will be circulated at the meeting. The Member who has received the written reply will be able to ask a supplementary question providing it is relevant to the reply and does not introduce new information. The Member to whom the question was addressed may reply to such supplementary question or may undertake to reply in writing.


b)       Questions to the Leader of the Council


The Chairman to invite questions to the Leader of the Council (including any matters arising from the minutes).


Following a response to their question being provided Members will be entitled to a follow up or supplementary question.


c)       Questions to Committee Chairmen on the Minutes


The Chairman to invite questions to Chairmen of Committees on any matter arising from the minutes of their committee (if any).



To debate the following motions which have been submitted with advance notice, in accordance with the constitution:


Climate Change


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in their October report stated that if the planet wants to avert dangerous climate breakdown, we need to cut emissions in half by 2030, and hit zero by the middle of the century.


Oxfordshire is already doing its bit: we are committed to reducing emissions from our own estate and activities by 3% a year. Unfortunately, our current plans are not enough. The IPCC’s report suggests that the world has just a dozen years left to restrict global warming to 1.5? above pre-industrial levels. Should they increase by 2?, humanity’s capacity to prevent catastrophic food shortages, floods, droughts, extreme heat and poverty will be severely impaired. Limiting Global Warming to 1.5? may still be possible, but only with ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities, civil society, the private sector, indigenous peoples and local communities. Furthermore, bold climate action can deliver economic benefits in terms of new jobs, economic savings and market opportunities.


Cherwell District Council calls on the Leader to:


1. Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’;

2. Pledge to make Cherwell District Council carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption emissions;

3. Call on Westminster to provide the powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible;

4. Continue to work with partners across the Cherwell and region to deliver this new goal through all relevant strategies;

5. Report to Council within six months with the actions the Council will take to address this emergency.


Proposer: Councillor Mark Cherry

Seconder: To be advised



Cherwell Local Plan


This council notes:

1.       That when he approved the Cherwell Local Plan 2011 – 2031, the planning inspector stated that a review of the plan should be carried out “once the specific level of help required by the city of Oxford to meet its needs that cannot reasonably be met within its present confines, is fully and accurately defined”

2.       That questions and comments raised recently by Jonathan Bore and Nick Fagan, the inspectors reviewing the Oxford Local Plan 2036, along with other recent studies, have cast doubt on the assumptions underlying Oxford’s housing need, suggesting that it has not been “fully and accurately defined” and may have been over-estimated and based on outdated data.

3.       That recent announcements from the University of Oxford as to their plans for development as part of the partial review raises concerns that removal of substantial amounts of the green belt will not in fact deal with unmet housing need in Oxford.

4.     That as a result of the above, the Cherwell Local Plan 2011 – 2031 (Part1) Partial Review – Oxford’s Unmet Housing Need could be premature, based on potentially inaccurate information, and could lead to outcomes which differ significantly from expectations.

This council therefore agrees:


1.       The ‘working assumption’ of Oxford’s housing need can no longer be relied on as an accurate figure and should be  ...  view the full agenda text for item 9.

Council Business Reports


Cherwell District Council / Oxfordshire County Council Signage Agency Agreement pdf icon PDF 80 KB

Report of Assistant Director: Environmental Services


Purpose of report


To agree to enter into agency agreements with Oxfordshire County Council regarding unauthorised signs, sponsorship of roundabouts and maintenance of the roundabouts outside Bicester Village.




The Council is recommended:


1.1           To note the progress on partnership working with Oxfordshire County Council;


1.2           To approve entering into Section 101 agreements with Oxfordshire County Council for the purpose of transferring to the district council the following responsibilities:


                           i.          Removal of unauthorised signs

                         ii.          the landscape maintenance of roundabouts outside Bicester Village and

                        iii.          the sponsorship of roundabouts


1.3           To delegate negotiation and final agreement of the Section 101 agreements to the Assistant Director: Environmental Services in consultation with the Lead Member for Clean and Green, the Director: Law and Governance and the Executive Director: Finance.




Police and Crime Panel Annual Report pdf icon PDF 75 KB

Report of Chief Operating Officer (Deputy Chief Executive)


Purpose of report


This report presents to members the Thames Valley Police and Crime Panel Annual Report for 2018/2019 and provides members with background to the role of the Police and Crime Panel.




The meeting is recommended:


 1.1          To note the Annual Report of the Police and Crime Panel and the manner in which this panel provides oversight and scrutiny of Thames Valley Police by holding the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to account.


1.2     To appoint a named substitute member to the Police and Crime Panel.


Additional documents:


Revised Scheme of Officer Delegations pdf icon PDF 64 KB

Report of Director of Law & Governance


Purpose of report


To enable the Council to adopt a revised scheme of officer delegations that reflects the recent revision to various Senior Officer responsibilities.




The meeting is recommended:


1.1           To adopt the revised scheme of officer delegations at Appendix 1 with immediate effect.


1.2     To delegate authority to the Director of Law & Governance, in consultation with the Chief Executive, to make any amendments that are consequential on the current allocation of service responsibilities being revised, new service responsibilities being introduced or post titles changing.

Additional documents: